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Here at Just Pampered Training Academy we are passionate about education. We provide training for therapists who are serious about progressing in their career.  We realise the importance of education to keep ahead in this rapidly growing industry and offer post graduate courses as well as confidence booster masterclasses.

Why Choose Us? 

  • Small Group Sessions - Our courses operate in very small groups and continue to run even if nobody else books onto the date, meaning your course will never be cancelled simply because the class isn’t full. 

  • Full Accreditation - You can book in confidence the course is fully accredited and you will obtain insurance to treat your clients safely. 

  • Our Methods are Modern, Tried and Tested - The methods we teach are used by us within the salon and have been tweaked to perfection, to provide our clients with the best possible service and highest level of skills. These flawless processes are passed on to our students, ensuring you leave fully confident in a treatment your clients will enjoy. 

  • We Pair Our Students at Similar Skill Levels - Although we do offer courses to beginners, we ensure qualified therapists embarking on post graduate programmes will always be placed with other therapists and beginners will be suited to other beginners, so the courses will always flow at a pace to suit you. 

  • Ongoing Support - Our training doesn;t end in the classroom. We are on hand to answer any queries you may have further down the line. 


Teaching Methods:

Our courses are structured to provide the maximum practical experience in the classroom. We require home study of the course manual prior to attending the training, followed by case studies and evidence to prove the student is competent. Each course description provides information of exactly how many case studies so that you can gauge when you will become fully qualified.


If you are a salon owner looking to train a group of therapists, please enquire about our multi student rates (minimum three therapists).


Our History

Owner, Kerry-Lee Draper, formed the academy in 2010 for internal purposes, so she could train all of her own employees to a high standard and they would become qualified and insurable through in house training. Some of the courses she had previously sent employees on hadn’t left the trainees filled with confidence. Due to this, it became necessary to review the treatments internally and hold workshops to boost the confidence of the therapist before opening the treatment to paying customers. 


From here, it seemed the best way forward was to become an accredited trainer herself, to deliver and assess the courses to her staff on a regular basis for both new courses and as a refresher, when the industry progresses with new methods so quickly. Kerry-Lee writes all of her own course manuals and has the content reviewed and accredited with Professional Beauty Direct. In addition to the initial PTLLS training (as it was known back then, now AET)  Kerry-Lee also completed her Assessors Award qualification in 2017.  Trainer Anni (Anamika) is a trusted therapist and employee of over seven years at Kerry-Lee’s salon, who also has held her AET since 2015 and has experience in teaching Beauty Therapy at an external FE College.


The training was shared with local salons and the Academy expanded, mainly through word of mouth. Between Kerry-Lee and Anamika they deliver the courses to external students. 


Initially, the courses were available only to existing therapists with an NVQ Level 2 or equivalent. However, over time, Just Pampered Academy saw a huge trend from those training to be an all round therapist to instead becoming a specialist in a certain field. Not everyone wants to provide every service to their client and may wish to specialise (for example eye treatments, nail treatments). For this reason, Just Pampered Academy developed an entry level programme available to beginners. 


Please rest assured, that we ensure therapists will always be placed with other therapists and beginners with beginners, so everybody can work at a similar pace, nobody feels left behind and qualified therapists can pick up the pace as soon as they practice the new skill. Our class sizes never exceed six students but we try to keep the class sizes even smaller to ensure plenty of individual assessment.


Here at Just Pampered Training Academy we are committed to helping therapists gain new opportunities. Through extended knowledge, specialist treatments, refresher courses and our Confidence Booster Masterclasses. Our post-course aftercare ensures you will not only leave with new found enthusiasm and knowledge but also confidence that we will be around to answer any questions you may think of long after the course has finished. Our courses don’t end in the classroom.

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